Junk Removal

Junk removal service in chula vistaIt is estimated that there are 300,000 items (ranging from paper clips to electronics) in the average American home. Businesses such as retail stores and offices in turn generate 34% of the total waste generated in the US in paper and cardboard products alone. With so much clutter output, junk removal has become a necessary service.

What Does a Trash Removal Company Offer?

Most people wonder why hire a junk/trash removal company when you could simply rent a dumpster? Well, with the former option, you get to rid yourself of that junk that is plaguing your business or home without lifting a finger.

Trash removal is a service that includes both a dumpster and labor force. Companies dealing with this service typically deploy a large dump truck to your location along with at least two employees who go into your home or business premises, take out the junk you want gone, and haul it away. Charges for the service are based on volume of your junk and labor cost.

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Why Hire Us

  • We take on any job: There are many scenarios that call for our junk pick up experts. It can be during a home downsizing, remodel, or spring cleaning, when in need of a garage cleanout, after intense yard work, or in the event of business upgrade or changeup. With several years in this industry, we are up to any challenge be it taking out a few pieces of old furniture and appliances or cleaning out an entire basement or storage facility.
  • Our staff is well trained: At Dumpster Rental Chula Vista CA, we are not individuals simply offering a dumpster truck. Our staff actually specializes in the removal of junk after undergoing thorough training on the safest and most efficient ways of removing items. We make it a point to instill our staffers with a sense of professionalism, common courtesy, and spacial skills of arranging junk items into dumpsters without wasting a single inch of space. Thanks to this, everything moves smoothly and swiftly without our presence getting in the way of your home or business activities.
  • Zero mess guarantee: People are usually going for the convenient factor of having their clutter issues taken care of when they hire a trash removal company. Keeping this in mind, our crew is careful to avoid knocking things around when taking out your junk. We also conduct post site cleanups of the dumpster set up site ensuring not to leave even a single piece of litter lying around.

Do not wait until your attic is overrun with junk or your business storage area is so jam-packed with clutter that there is no space for storing new merchandise. With just one call, our budget-friendly junk hauling service will be there promptly to de-clutter your life.