Dumpster Sizes

dumpster rental size is a important concern When it comes to dumpster rentals, getting the right size is important. If the dumpster you rent is too big, you will have spent more money than was necessary. A small dumpster in turn will force you to get another container, thereby wasting time and causing you to overspend on the rentals. Use this dumpster sizing guide to arrive on the right pick.

Size Options for Temporary Dumpsters

Dumpster size is simply measured in cubic yards whereby 1 cubic yard makes up a cube-like space of 3ft long by 3ft wide by 3ft high. For short term rentals, our range of dumpster sizes includes:

Size 10-Yard

As the smallest in the range of temporary dumpsters, this option is used for small (mostly home-related) projects such as single-room remodels, spring cleaning, roof replacement, and deck removals. On average, a 10-yard dumpster is capable of holding approximately 4-pickup trucks of waste.

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Size 15-Yard

The 15-yard dumpster is a non-traditional container size that is offered by some dumpster renting companies. Large enough to hold furniture, appliances, carpets, and countertop debris, this size is worth considering if your waste output falls between 5 to 7 pickup trucks.

Size 20-Yard

At double the size of a 10-yard dumpster, this option has its capacity set at around 8 pickup trucks of junk material. It is ideal for big household ventures or small construction projects.

Size 30-Yard

Makes up the perfect size for construction sites and commercial projects, but can still be used in large residential homes or apartment buildings undergoing wall demolition, door replacement, or basement cleanout. A 30-yard dumpster is estimated to hold a maximum of 12 pickup trucks of waste.

Size 40-Yard

This is the largest size available and is capable of taking on up to 16 pickup trucks of waste. With its massive size, a 40-yard container can handle large scale waste disposal needs of any kind including commercial cleanouts, massive construction projects, and community clean up endeavors.

Our Permanent Rentals/Commercial Dumpsters   

To stay on top of their waste generation, all businesses need a permanent dumpster supplemented with regular garbage pickup. Better known as commercial dumpsters, these come in smaller sizes of:

2-Yard: Features a weight limit of 400 pounds and is estimated to hold around 24 trash bags. This size works well for small establishments such as eateries, cafes, and startup companies.

4-Yard: As the medium-sized option of commercial dumpsters, the 4-yard pick is good for businesses such as small-scale retailers or mid-sized restaurants. The dumpster has its volume set at 800 pounds and can easily hold 48 trash bags.

6-Yard: With a capacity of 1200 pounds or 72 trash bags, the 6-yard dumpster is suitable for large-scale operations. 

8-Yard: If you own a huge, busy, or heavily trafficked business (e.g. office building, warehouse, large restaurant), the 8-yard dumpster is your best option. It is designed for heavy duty use and has its weight limit set at 1400 to 1600 pounds, enough for around 96 trash bags.

Still not sure what dumpster size to go for? No worries as we guarantee you a smooth dumpster rental experience that saves you both money and time. Regardless of your waste elimination needs, our experienced dumpster specialists will have you sorted with the perfect waste container in a matter of minutes.